• Poster session

Poster sessions are organized to share our scientific work in friendly atmosphere. Each two months, around 12 teams and 3 platforms of different departments are invited to present at least one poster about their projects. This is a good opportunity to discover subjects on which different teams work on, exchange scientific knowledge and discover the services offered by platforms. Importantly, these sessions are meant to be convivial so everybody can come and talk not only about science but also about student life, problems with experiments or simply meet people around drinks and snacks.

Additionally, all participants can vote for their favorite poster and the winner gets a small prize during the next session!

  •  Journal Club

Journal Club is conceived to allow people to improve at one side their communication skills (speaking, easily understandable presentations, timing respect etc.) and on the other hand to stimulate people to formulate questions. Further, this meeting is an opportunity to enlarge one’s insight into different scientific fields and broaden knowledge.

  • English Lunch

English Lunch is held every alternate month wherein, we invite 20 people to improve their spoken English. We discuss every day affairs from science to politics in a friendly atmosphere. This is meant to help people improving their communication skills and overcome the inhibitions of speaking English.

  • French Lunch

French lunch takes place every 8 weeks and is organized for up to 20 people. Its main purpose is to improve language and communication skills of participantes in a nice atmosphere over a sandwich lunch. To diversify the event, typical french sketches and movies are usually screened and discussed afterwards. Furthermore, to broaden our knowledge about France, during these lunches we read French literature and recent news.

  • Career lunch

The aim of Career Lunch activity is to inform PhD students and Post-docs about varied career opportunities and jobs in the private sector. Each month the Career Lunch team invites one to two people from different companies to share their life experience.

This event consists of two parts equally important. During the first part invited guests give a talks about their backgrounds, motivations they had while choosing the job, recruitment procedure, usual day at work, etc.. these presentations are followed by audience questions and short discussion. That is also a good time for speakers to present their companies.

The second part of Career Lunch which is a meal with speakers is limited to 12 participants only. That is a great opportunity to have an open discussion with invited guests in a friendly and informalatmosphere.

  • Cine Club

The aim of the SPB CineClub is to encourage the cultural exchange in our multi-cultural work environment. Moreover, it allows people to meet in the non-scientientific atmosphere which facilitates networking in the Institute.

The main concept of Cine Club is to screen interesting movies from around the world in their original languages but with English subtitles. Each time movie is chosen by a different person who gives a short introduction about their country. After the projection participants are welcome to join an aperò with drinks and food specialities which is a great opportunity to discuss the movie  and to make new friends

  • Recreational activities 

More recreational evenings such as game nights, poker tournaments, laser quests, etc. are organized approximately every two months. These events bring a diversity into the activities of the SPB and contribute to the non-scientific life of the Institute. The number of participants varies depending on the proposed activity but usually there are between 15 to 25 people attending these events. In brief, recreational evenings are a great opportunity to meet people after work and have fun!

  • Retreat

The SPB retreat is an event occurring once a year. This activity is the occasion for all participants to discuss their scientific topics but also to relax and enjoy beauty of Alsace.

The event consists in gathering together all motivated PhD Students and Post Docs from the IGBMC for couple of days. The place is different each year but usually it is a chalet where we are completely autonomous. During these weekends many varied activities are proposed i.e. poster session, hiking, wine testing, visits of museum or natural parks. This time might be a great opportunity for sponsor to present products and talk with SPB members in more casual atmosphere.

  • Sports

These activities are mainly organized to encourage people to do more sports as it is good for health and is a nice change from lab work. Moreover, it gives a chance to all participitants to communicate between each other in a better way and it promotes the interaction of the IGBMC and its local environment.

One example of sport activities are football matches which we organize once a month. After each game people can come together over a drink. Number of participants varies depending on season as during winter time we rent a sport hall and play indoors. Although these matches are only for 10 people due to the size of the hall, the frequency and the number of players increase in the spring and summer. Aditionally, we plan to organize a football tournament during the BBQ day.

  • Workshops

Workshops that cover different aspects are organized in collaboration with the IGBMC PhD programme. The first workshop will be about career opportunities of PhDs in the industry. Others are supposed to follow.