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Welcome to
Students &
Post-docs Board of IGBMC
We are here to guide you through your adventure at one of the largest biomedical research unit in Europe

About us

tudents and Post-docs Board is an independent, non-political, non-profit association of doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows from IGBMC. Run by graduate students and serving the whole institute through several scientific and social activities.
Our association also welcomes master students, Post-docs, engineers, and technicians.

Feel free to join us at any time of the year through the contact menu item.
Throughout the year we do our best to keep the

atmosphere at IGBMC vibrant, scientifically & socially.

*Join us to develop your professional skills and therefore validate socio-professional hours! (12h max).
Poster Sessions
Discuss your project with experts from 4 departments of the institute.
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Get Together
Tired after whole day? Get a beer with your PI! Or someone else's PI...
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Career Session
Done with academia? You can meet here interesting people from the industry at dinner time.
Looking for Volunteers
Games Night
Time to beat them all! Raffle against the others at your favourite board game!
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English & French Lunch
Improve your English and/or French skills
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English lunch:
French lunch:
Workshops & Journal Clubs
Let's talk about the state-of-art techniques and research
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Workshops: Looking for Volunteers
Journal clubs: Looking for Volunteers
The IGBMC auditorium is not restricted to scientific talks. It does a good job with movies too.
Join us: Looking for Volunteers
Find out about upcoming events organized by SPB and associated partners

Stay tuned
Yasmine Amrani
Reuben Mercier
Daniel Sampaio Goncalves
Advisory board
Salvatore Terrosu
Dimitra Vlachokosta
Our family of sponsors
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel free to write us.

Feel free to contact us through our social media or by mail
We are happy to welcome new people in the association and establish new industrial partners

SPB Secretary:
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1 Rue Laurent Fries, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden